Keep Austin Dog Friendly

Through Responsible Dog Ownership.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanks to all the 2009 additions to Keep Austin Dog Friendly!

2009 was a great year for Keep Austin Dog Friendly.  With a slew of fun events and 43 NEW additions to the list, Austin's dedication to keeping Austin dog friendly is growing.  Stick with us for another year of growth and fun events! Newest Addition for 2010 is La Boite!

Newest Additions for 2009:  Paggi House, Drungo Ice House, Lost Parrot Cabins, The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen, Lofty Dog, Thai Fresh, Rio Grande, Taco Deli, Taverna, Perla's, Frugal Media, Black Sheep Lodge, El Arroyo, Cuatro's, Zocalo's, North by Northwest, Cissi's Wine Bar, Crepes Mille, Mansion on Judges' Hill, Lustre Pearl Bar, Key Bar Austin, The Tiniest Bar in Texas, Max's Wine Dive, Music Cafe, Zax's Pints and Plates, Foodheads, County Line on the Lake, Salvation Pizza, Cool River, Tribe Comics and Games, Waterloo Ice House SouthPark Meadows, Summermoon Coffee, Angel's Icehouse, Viva Chocolato!, Abuelo's, Bakehouse, Walton's Fancy and Staple, The Hub, Elevation Burger, Mulberry, Waterloo Ice House Avery Ranch, True Effort Training Center, and Teuscher Chocolate of Switzerland and Coffee.