Keep Austin Dog Friendly

Through Responsible Dog Ownership.

About KADF and posse

I'm a research scientist with a penchant for cooking, puppies, & clean driving.  By day, I am an adjunct professor, behavioral endocrinology nerd, statistics geek, start up/tech enthusiastic, and social strategy consultant.  I hold a doctor of philosophy in social psychology.  I've been called the Jane Goodall of behaviorists.  I'll leave that open to interpretation. By night, I've been a hobby collector. 

I live in Austin, TX with a cute puppy, a handsome puppy, and a nerdy windsurfer.

MisoHungry focuses on cooking with craft beer, fine wine, and artisan spirits, and it also covers Austin area food events, food trends, and thoughts on social media. and Keep Austin Dog Friendly is a resource for places for your puppy to socialize with bent on canine sports.  Canine Drafting covers basics about drafting with your dog, or goat, or pony.  Chenergy Consulting and Dr. Oxytocin are both blogs on social behavior, relationship research, and social media.  Thirsty Bird Threads is a line of clothing for women in craft beer, fine wine, and artisan spirits.  Proceeds go to the Texas Craft Brewer's Guild.

Email or 512-981-SNAP (7627).

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