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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something wild at Mary Moore Searight Park

BEWARE: GRAPHIC PHOTO BELOW! Scroll down at your own risk. 

Mary Moore Searight is a relatively new park, and I've been enjoying.  Aside from the occasional person who doesn't pick up their dog(s) poop (I think I know who it is), this has been quite an enjoyable park.  Until today.  @Mousethedog and @Beezthedog stayed on the main trail exploring.  And then I saw it.  I dead carcass.  I'm not sure what animal it was, but I was very sure that it was dead.

Here's what I saw:
  • Fairly decent sized rib cage with a small narrow pelvis. Picture below with my shoe for size comparison.
  • White and brown fur, dense and about 3 inches long.
  • The organs were in the middle of the trail about 20 feet away.
  • There were furry/bloody parts scattered in the woods for about 50 feet.

I'm don't know what it was or what killed it.  I do know that it appears to be dangerous. I've heard of coyote sightings at Walnut Creek Park, and owners can never be too careful.  A coyote could easily snatch a small dog.  Please be careful when taking your dogs out for a stroll.