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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Private lesson with Judy Oct. 23

It's been a while since I got these notes together, but entering shows is right around the corner.  If the weather would cooperate, it's time to get Mouse in the ring.

  • Teach heel position again by heeling forward slowly.  We're reinforcing her when she's keeping position now, not reinforcing the forward movement. We'll do this by doing many get closes, 45 degree pivots, etc...
  • Basil also has a tendency to butt in when in heel position.  When I see her butting in with front out, I'll wiggle by
  • Another exercise to reinforce the heel position requires the dog to back in heel position as well has move forward.  Using PVC or chicken wire, construct an L shape.  Follow the heeling pattern below by going forward, left, back, forward, back, and left again.  Repeat so that the rear is not on the outside (but on the inside so that the dog does not drift to the left).  
  • I also need to start heeling very slowly, drift right, and make sure Basil drifts with me as opposed to drifting left away from me. 
  • I should start treating basil right on my leg.  Not out. Not in front. She needs to get treats right on the seam of my pants. 
  • I should also be holding my cue hand further back than I have.  She's scooting too far forward in heel position. 
  • I also need to variate the reward she is given.  

 Needs to work on his stays.
On Stand for exam, I need to a barrier (pipe, chicken wire, or baby gate) to keep him from swinging his rear out too far after the jump.  I also need to give the command, pop back, and then tell him to stand.
I also need to teach him the cue for halts.  1. Slightly slow, look down (change my view), keep left food still, give sit command, and pop with leash in left hand.  2. I need the practice it with the dog. 3. Exaggerate my physical cues.  4. Drop voice cue and leash cue.  5. Do halts normally. 
I also need to work on left turns (like Basil) backing, turning, backing. 
Mouse needs more get close work like basil.
We also need to work right turns, halts, right turns, halts, and right 270's. 
For figure 8's, we need to play games on the outside of the figure 8.