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Monday, May 10, 2010

Parvo Awareness Week and Doga!

Here's some upcoming activities and information for keeping your dog healthy mentally and physically. 

Parvo Awareness Week | May 10-16 |$5 Vaccinations
Austin, TX - May  5, 2010 - Emancipet and Animal Trustees of Austin are banding together to help protect your puppy and dog from the deadly Parvo Virus.  During the week of May 10-16, both organizations are offering the Parvo vaccination (DHPP) for just $5. No appointment necessary.
Parvo typically attacks the intestinal tract and can be carried between dogs on clothes, hands, and shoes.  Symptoms can arise quickly and treatment often requires expensive hospitalization.  The best way to prevent the spread of this virus is to vaccinate your puppy or dog today.   
For more information on clinic hours visit or visit

            AUSTIN (May 5, 2010)— Blue Moon Doga
                      (, has hit Austin!

Doga has hit Austin!  For those of you that do not know what Doga is; it is yoga for dogs and their owners.  Blue Moon Doga is the first of its kind in Houston, and is now expanding to Austin!  Blue Moon Doga is different from other doga programs.  It incorporates the principles of basic yoga positions, positive training methods, nutrition, and conditioning for the mind, body, and spirit of your dog.  Blue Moon Doga was created by Marilyn Swick, using the founding principles that she has utilized for over 30 years working and competing with horses and dogs at the highest levels.  She has incorporated basic yoga poses for the dog and the owner, which result in a high quality bonding session for you and your dog.  Any size or age dog and any size or age human can do Doga.

You and your dogi will learn basic yoga poses and can progress individually based upon you and your dog’s abilities.  You can learn privately or in a group setting.  Marilyn likes to teach outside to incorporate nature into the doga sessions.

Nutrition is very important so that your dogi can function at the highest and healthiest levels.  Conditioning your dog will include a tailor-made program that fits your life-style and your dogi’s age and physical abilities.

Zoey, our head dogi is available for fund-raisers, DOGA demonstrations!  Look for her BlueMoonDoga book out this summer for paw-signings.  For more information see  DOGA and become one with your dogi!

Blue Moon Doga will be exclusively offered in Austin at Southpaws Playschool at 2324 B South Lamar Blvd.  Please call Sonya Wilson at 512.440.7529 for more information or visit her website at