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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lee Mannix - Austin's Own Dog Whisperer

It is with great sorrow that I write that Austin has lost a great member of the canine community.  Lee Mannix was tragically killed in a car accident on Sunday, May 2nd.  The Statesman's report is located here.

Aside from dog training, Lee Mannix was known for his great generosity and work that he contributed to rescue groups in the central Texas area.  While I haven't taken any classes at the Lee Mannix Training Center, it isn't difficult to find someone who has taken Lee's classes.  After Hurricane Katrina, when many dogs were displaced, Lee's facility took in Ruska for training.  Let's just say that Ruska had some behavioral issues, but she was adopted to a wonderful owner. 

That owner brought Ruska to my drafting classes, and well, this photo says it all.

Ruska went from disaster dog with behavioral issues that would have landed her life behind bars or worse to a dog that was the life of the parade.  She won 3rd place with her cart in a parade in Lampasas in 2007.  Ruska is just one of many examples of Lee's ability and generosity to the Austin canine community.  Lee Mannix was also one of the early supporters of Keep Austin Dog Friendly

Remember him fondly by holding your puppies tight and training them well.  While Lee may no longer here, his lessons live on in the people and dogs he touched.  Training never ends, and neither will Lee's teachings.