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Monday, May 4, 2009

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Nationals 2009 and SWOM Tweetup May 20

After spending a combined 69 hours in a car with 2 people and 3 dogs round trip, we made it back from the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty Show just North of Salt Lake City, UT. Every breed has a specialty show put on by the national club yearly. Usually, the location of the specialty will rotate across the country so that club members will get to attend the shows that are closer to home. Specialty shows usually include activities that are breed specific (ex: herding for border collies, drafting for newfies, and tracking for bloodhounds) in addition to conformation shows and an obedience trial. Dog above is Morgan from California. Specialty shows are great as you get to meet other owners from across the country, and you get to see many dogs of the same breed. As an owner for 2 rare breed dogs, this is a real treat. This year, I had the great pleasure of meeting an entleburcher! Looks like a Swissy with short legs. Pictured below.

National breed clubs have many functions in additional to organizing a specialty show each year. National breed clubs are responsible for maintaining and improving the language of breed standards, heading up programs to improve breed health through screening and careful breeding, educating the general public about the breed, educating conformation judges, rescuing and rehoming dogs, and maintaining various records about the breed. Join your national club for more info.

Also, Upcoming event....:

Society of Word of Mouth Tweetup
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1004 W 24th St, Austin, TX 78705 , Austin, TX
May 20, 2009
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