Keep Austin Dog Friendly

Through Responsible Dog Ownership.

Friday, May 15, 2009

KADF Social Event @ South Austin Trailer Park May 31st

Next Keep Austin Dog Friendly Social Event will be at South Austin's Trailer Park on May 31st, Sunday, 6-8 pm. The food trailers are Torchy's Tacos, Shuggie's, and La-dee-dah. Additionally, this event is BYOB! So bring the 4 legged, some drinks, and having a good time meeting other dog owners.

New Additions to Keep Austin Dog Friendly are: Lofty Dog, Thai Fresh, Rio Grande, Taco Deli, Taverna, , Perla's, Frugal Media, El Arroyo, Cuatro's, North by Northwest, and Zocalo's. Additionally, more guidelines on dog ettiquette are posted at