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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pre-Turkey Day Weight Pull Nov. 15th - open to all breeds

Located in South Austin off 1626 behind RailRoad BBQ: Please see for specific directions.

If you are interested in the IWPA sanctioned weight pull competition
  (Sunday), weigh in will be at 8:00am. Pulling starts at 8:30.  Weigh in NOT
required for novice rounds. You may enter any
of the novice rounds up to the time it begins.

Weight pull general info:

Any dog can participate and earn a title through IWPA for weight

What's the fee? Free for spectators. $10 for novice rounds - enter
when you get there. Consider novice rounds a training session and a
chance to see if your dog enjoys it. I will have harnesses for you
to use. Most dogs take to a harness quickly. $25 for competition rounds.

What can my dog get out of weight pulling? Physical activity,
confidence building, socializing, and improving their relationship
with you.

What do I need to train my dog to do before then for weight pull?
The come or recall command. Your dog should have basic control.

What's the most weight a dog has ever pulled? The most I've seen is
50000 lbs.  Most dogs in healthy condition can pull 10x their body weight without any additional physical training.

When do I enter? On the day of the event. Novice can enter any time
before the round begins. Professional/competition rounds must be entered and
weighed in before the start of the pull.

Who can participate? Anyone and any breed. No registry or club
membership required.

What should I bring? Your dog on leash and yourself. Camping chair
and crate if desired. I will have harnesses available for dogs 20 lbs
to 160 lbs.

My dog is small. Is there anything for us to do? Yes! Even
the "little" ones can weight pull. There have been Jack Russells and
Italian Greyhounds that pull with success!