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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

101 Dalmatians comes to Austin

Please note: This event is not dog friendly. :o) However, there will be dogs in the cast, and people in the cast as dogs.

If you haven't heard yet, the 101 Dalmatians Musical is coming to Austin Nov. 24-29th. This show is particularly neat for many reasons. 1. There will be real dogs on the set. Check out this youtube video about the training. 2. People are on stilts. 3.There are kids in the show.  These three unique attributes make me want to see it period.  Training dogs is no easy feat.  Training dogs to be consistent in many different environments is extremely difficult.  Throw kids and stilts into the mix, and you've got a show. Hope to see ya there!

Check out their youtube channel here.
Check out their flickr here.

Per their website: THE 101 DALMATIANS MUSICAL is a Broadway theatre experience for the entire family… about what it means to be a family... canine and courageous. More than a simple story about good versus bad (Dalmatians Mr. & Mrs. Pongo against Cruella De Vil and the Baddun brothers), this Broadway musical shows how a family bands together to overcome every hurdle and hardship in the most difficult times.

Dalmatian HydrantDodie Smith’s book, The 101 Dalmatians, is beloved around the world and has been translated in 47 languages. THE 101 DALMATIANS MUSICAL is a Broadway theatre adventure story with a lively contemporary score by Dennis DeYoung. The inspiration for the Broadway production’s unique and delightful concept came directly from re-discovering the original 101 Dalmatians 1957 novel.