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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mouse's New dog bed

Mouse has never had a real bed. He's had a cot, which I actually use as a makeshift gate, and he's had crate pads, but he's never had a real bed. Now that he's 7 years old and semi-retired, I decided that my veteran needed a real bed. Searching for beds online reveals one thing, dog beds are very expensive. A very nice bed costs well over $1400, and Mouse wouldn't fit into a 24"x36" bed anyways. See here and pictured below. Even medium sized poor quality pillow type beds at Ross are $20. I wanted something that would last, and not look like a "dog" bed.

Instead, I decided to get creative. Knowing that the dogs didn't mind second hand furniture, I scoured craigslist for a baby mattress. Low and behold, I found not just a mattress, but also a cute little frame for just $25. For $25, I wanted that bed badly. Even though the bed was spoken for at the time, the first buyer fell through, and I was able to bring it home. I stopped at Target on the way home to pick up a crib sheet (7.99) for the mattress. The bed is easy to clean as I can toss the sheet into the wash, and wipe down the frame. It can't get better than this.

The bed has been home for about 2 hours, and Mouse is sleeping comfortably on it. Yay! New bed for just a fraction of the cost. Thanks to the family who sold me the bed.