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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Want to really spoil your pet (and yourself)?! Two words: Four Seasons.

Photo courtesy of Kerri at the Four Seasons

It is no secret that I love Trio at the Four Seasons (@FSAustin on Twitter). It would not be inaccurate to say that I broadcast my love for them freely. They are the second business in the "Inside Austin Businesses" series. I have posts reviews about them, here, and update here, and here. If you love food and want to feel like royalty, read my posts, find Susie behind the bar and Mark holding a bottle of wine during Happy Hour, and get ready for the time of your life. Here are some pictures from Trio, just because I like posting food pictures.

Cheese Plate

To die for Chocolate Flourless Cake

Beef Sashimi

One of the things that I love about Trio is that they are psychic. Yes, I said it. They are like the Miss Cleo of service. They know what you want, before you know it. Trio's staff is literally 5 steps ahead of you. If you need more wine in 5 minutes, Mark already has a selection of different wines at the table based on your preferences before you can ask. This hasn't happened yet, but I'm guessing that if you're going to propose to your beloved at Trio, you probably just need to call Kerri, and they'll have something fabulous planned and the perfect ring sitting at the bottom of a glass of wine. Based on what I've seen Kerri do, that's my guess if you pop the question at Trio. Men, do you hear me? Don't screw up your proposal. Let Trio take care of it. They are masters at orchestrating the perfect evening.

Now onto the dog friendly part. The Four Seasons is dog friendly. The only down side in this for me is that I live in Austin, so I'll probably never find an excuse to stay in a room at the Four Seasons with my puppies. But for those of you out of town folks who are tired of Motel 6 or La Quinta (most economical choice on the dog show circuits), try the Four Seasons. Not only do they have a doggie menu, their staff has also been known to save some treats for my Mouse and Beez. We've gone home with a gigantic sized pork chop that was going to get thrown out. :o)
Photo courtesy of Kerri at the Four Seasons

A few administrative points though:

*While the hotel is dog friendly, no dogs in Trio (restaurant) or on the terrace outside. No dogs are allowed where food is prepared or being served, per health codes. You can order off the doggie menu from your room or from the large grassy lawn just outside the hotel. Let me tell ya, it's a perfect place for a picnic. No puppies in the spa or pool area. We need those places to be mostly hair free. No hair in my cucumber water please.
*Only pets the size of a beagle or smaller (in general, smaller than 16 inches and fewer than 25 pounds) are allowed.
*While in the hotel, pets must be kept on a leash when not in the guest's room.
*Pets may not be left in guest rooms unattended and must be well-trained.
*With advance notice, pet sitting services may be arranged through the Concierge at 512-685-8130.
*Owners are responsible for any property damage and personal injury their pet may cause while in the Hotel.

If you hadn't noticed, there are two picture on this post of how your puppy or kitty will be greeted. Oh yes. We're talking about being pampered. Imagine being you being spoiled after a dog show. that's talking. Don't forget about your manners when stay at a hotel with your pet. Read them here: Pick up after your pet, and make sure your dogs aren't doing too much talking or singing. Enjoy your stay!