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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday to Keep Austin Dog Friendly and Mouse!

A Dog and his Swanky Bucket

It has been seven long years since the inception of Keep Austin Dog Friendly. We started as a little rinky dink website hosted for free on Yahoo. The first hard copy list went out at Groovy Dog's first location on Mopac and 2222 (now closed). In after a year, I decided that it was time to buy a domain name, and the Austin Dog Friendly list was transferred to (still up for the time being). Just over two years ago, was replaced with which is were the Keep Austin Dog Friendly list is hosted. You can reach the list by visiting or


Over the years we have grown, added google maps, added a blog, and a Twitter. Now I can update event information easily, and make that information available to readers in a timely fashion. Thanks, Austin. Thanks for Keeping it Dog Friendly!

In celebration of Keep Austin Dog Friendly's Birthday, Rio Grande Austin will be having Yappy Hour all day today with 1/2 price appetizers and drink specials.

Fried Soft Shell Crab at Paggi House

It is also the 7th Birthday of my baby Mouse. Now that he's seven years old, he'll be showing in the veterans class at conformation shows. *Sigh* The time really does fly. His week of birthday celebrations started out with a Keep Austin Dog Friendly Social where he met Fenway, practiced some obedience, and had some cookies. On Tuesday night, I took him to one of the swankiest dog friendly joints in Austin - Paggi House. Paggi House rocks our world. One of my other hobbies is food blogging, and here's my review of Paggi House. The service, the food, and the view at Paggi House is to die for. This is where you take your future in-laws to impress. This is where you take your million dollar clients. This is where you take your beloved pets to celebrate milestone birthdays.
King Salmon Carpaccio at Paggi House

Upon our arrival at Paggi House, the staff greeted Mouse with Happy Birthday! Not only did he get spoiled by the staff, he also got to drink out of super posh bucket. Yes, indeed, Mouse will have a very Happy Birthday! BTW, someone needs to bring me here for MY birthday. I want a swanky bucket too! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Paggi House. We finished up Mouse's 7th birthday food tour at Max's Wine Dive.

I've been to Max's Wine Dive several times, and well, I love it too. Here's my review of Max's wine dive, and here's the link to additional food pictures. Scroll to previous pictures on the photo stream. Brunch there is absolutely fabulous!

Also, new additions to the list since last posting: North by Northwest, Cissi's Wine Bar, Crepes Mille, Mansion on Judges' Hill, Lustre Pearl Bar, Key Bar Austin, The Tiniest Bar in Texas, Max's Wine Dive, Music Cafe, Zax's Pints and Plates, Foodheads, County Line on the Lake, and Salvation Pizza.

Ribs and Slider at Max's Wine Dive

French Toast at Max's Wine Dive Brunch